What People Say

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“I am 34 years of age, married and have two children. In February 2010 I was at my heaviest weighing in at 93kg. I started watching what I ate and became a little more active which consisted of a 3km walk daily. I managed to lose 16kg by myself.

In June 2011 I met Colette Gutsch-Berry a Personal Trainer. Colette started a Mothers Boot camp training program where I trained with her 4 days a week. Colette’s training sessions consisted of a variety of exercise programs such as aerobics, weights, circuits, boxing, yoga and pilates. I enjoyed training in the outdoors with a great group of mums; we have built great friendships with all that attend. In June 2011 when I started training with Colette I weighed 77kg and had a body fat % of 37%.

Throughout the 12 months that I have trained with Colette she has guided me in the right direction with nutrition and exercise and she has also been there to give me motivation to continue on my weight loss journey. Colette helped me reach my goal weight of 65kg and a body fat % of 27% I reached this weight in May 2012.

I have recently started working where I have had to scale my training with Colette down to one day a week but Colette has given me the tools and knowledge to continue training at home and she is always contactable if I need help.

I would recommend Colette as a Personal Trainer to anyone that would like help on their weight loss journey or even just their journey to get fit.”

Belinda Saridis



“As one of Colette’s more “mature” clients I can say that I have never felt my increasing age to be an issue with either Colette or others in the group. She has the ability to treat every one of us individually whatever the class size.

I’ve been taking part in Colette’s fitness classes for the past two years now and have never felt fitter, stronger or healthier both physically and mentally.

No matter your age or fitness level I would urge anyone to come along and join us. You will be absolutely amazed at what it is possible to achieve!”

Julie Sweetman



“I had to write and let you know how much I appreciate your help and support. At 62, I only ever seemed to think about doing something to get fit, could never get the motivation to actually do something about it. There was always some excuse not to do anything.

I was apprehensive – no way could I do something like Bootcamp. It sounded very scary and – wasn’t I too old to do that kind of exercise?! You assured me I could do it and might even become addicted. You were right, I am doing things I did not think I could do and really enjoying your classes – Bootcamp/AquaZumba/Pilates and something totally new to me – Boxing!. My body is changing already and I am feeling wonderful. Not only am I getting fitter but also making many new wonderful friends.

Thank you for everything.”

Judi Bucknor



“I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed the aqua fitness classes being run at the Maitland and East Maitland pools. I have been very impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by the instructor, Colette who provides a fast paced and fun class.”

Robynne Buxton



” I am so glad that I have joined your classes. I was way out of my comfort zone today – I am ‘rhythmically challenged’ and it would have to be a cold day in hell before I’d ever sign myself up for an aerobics class. Whilst, unsurprisingly, I was extremely uncoordinated and about 2.5 steps behind everyone else, I had a ball! Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone. I’m feeling good and looking forward to getting back to the ‘old’, fitter me.”

Danielle McGuinness



“Sorry, but I have to brag. I have had a dress made for our baby’s blessing day coming up Saturday. I had a fitting today & my dress needs to be taken in further. Since first meeting with the dress maker (& you) 6 weeks ago I have lost 3 inches from my “after baby belly”.

Still a way to go, but feels great to know I am making progress, little by little.

Thanks for making it fun!”

Hayley Pearl



“I have spent my whole life up until the last 18 months, hating sport and any form of exercise. I did not “do” exercise – hated sweating, haha.

Somehow I finally got off my butt and decided it was time I started looking after myself. I have been training with Colette now for over a year and feel fantastic! I love feeling stronger and more energetic, and the more results I see, the more I want to keep pushing. It has not only affected me but my whole family inspiring my husband and Mum to get out there and train too. My 6 year old Jack now loves to get involved as he sees Mum and Dad now doing exercise as part of our normal routine. Jack does Colette’s KIDS BOOTCAMP and wishes it was on every day – he loves it.

Thank you Colette for how you have changed our lives.”

Sarah Thompson



“I get really angry when you make me do Double Unders and 1000 skips, but then I get over it really quickly and you still have me as one of your biggest fans. I am lucky to have you in my life. You see things in me that I don’t. I am becoming a better and fitter person with you around.”

Charlene Cole


“Your energy is amazingly catching! Thank you. I love my fitness classes and the way I feel when I complete a challenge. Keep it going, I will.”

Philippa Young



“Colette believes in me and helps me believe in myself. With her help I can now do things I never dreamed I could.”

Annette Peel



“Thank you Colette for being a wonderful motivator and friend. Since retiring 12 months ago and not sure what direction my life would go – I joined “Bootcamp” – not sure if I could do it. Here I am , fitter and healthier than I have ever been, and haven’t been back to the chiropractor since. I have also made some wonderful new friends. THank you again for filling my life with health and fun.”

Judy Bucknor




“While pregnant with my first child I gained 30 kilograms and ended up with a 10.9 pound baby and a caesarean section. During my second pregnancy I was determined not to gain as much weight and I also wanted to experience a natural delivery. Attending mother’s boot camp with Colette during my second pregnancy was the best thing I have done. I didn’t just control my weight gain but I actually lost 10 kilograms. Most importantly I achieved my dream of having a natural birth. I am extremely grateful to Colette as I know that this never would have happened if she hadn’t come into my life.”

 Charlene Cole




“I recently injured my shoulder at work and was unable to raise my arm above shoulder height without experiencing pain. Since attending boot camp with Colette my shoulder has not only improved dramatically but I am fitter than I have ever been. Colette’s extensive knowledge of fitness/injury and genuine passion and enthusiasm enables her to adequately cater to individual needs whilst maintaining support and guidance to the group. I am so happy to have boot camp in my life.”

 Natasha Cole


“As a retiree who wants to stay healthy and active it is important to me to have knowledgeable people advising me on how to manage my health. When you conduct your palates classes and when you are massaging me I feel I am in the very best hands as you know so much about health and the human body. My active lifestyle and my regular cycling means I need regular maintenance from you and I always feel I am in the best hands.”

Gavin Green


Endless praise and gratitude for all that you have done so far to help me on my journey to a better, healthier and stronger me… My quest to return to a “normal” weight is not an easy one… I couldn’t imagine anyone more supportive, understanding and knowledgeable to guide me along the way… Your dedication to me (and my fellow Bootcamp “family”) is unfailing… your enthusiasm is infectious. In the 6 months since joining I have lost over 55kg, I still have a long road to travel but I know you will be there beside me for as long as it takes. Thanks Colette

Jennifer Doyle