Helping You

Colette' s workout

Let Colette assure you that she will help and guide you so you will gain confidence in yourself and your fitness level. All training sessions are designed, so you can work at your own ability level in a FUN environment. Whether you are just starting out or have been exercising regularly – we can all have a GREAT work out together.

If your children have slowed you down in the past, please don’t worry any more. Children are very welcome at our sessions. They all get on beautifully with each other and many new friendships have been developed even between mothers and fathers as well!

Still worried? Just come along and talk to participants. Ask questions. Find out about other people’s paths to self-fulfillment, achievement, elevated self-esteem, confidence and trust. Put away your nervousness and set a starting date. Call Colette and you will be off to a wonderful, life-changing and fulfilling journey towards your goals.

Helping you through Colette’s sessions and healthy advice

Group Sessions

Group sessions are motivating, inspiring and maximize the fun in your workout. Increase your fitness, reduce body fat, shape and tone your muscles and improve your overall well being by participating in a great variety of classes taught in a safe environment. We use a wide variety of workout styles, equipment and music to ensure you never get bored.



Personal Training

You can enjoy the benefits of an intimate personalized One on One environment. Exercise prescription is based on individual needs and goals. It is full of variety and advice on cardio, resistance, flexibility, nutrition and general health matters. The aim is to ensure you work out safe, stay motivated and see guaranteed results. If you like to enjoy personal training at a lower price, exercising in small groups is the perfect option for you. Allow me to guide you mentally and physically so that you set your goals realistically. Commit and you will see results.



Nutritional Advice

You are what you eat. Learn how your body composition and general health is influenced by the quality, quantity and timing of what you ingest. Shape your food plan to your specific goals, lose weight, maintain or gain muscle.




Relieve your body of stress, tension, headaches, back pain, muscular problems or simply enjoy the pure pleasure of relaxation. Massage will soften and mobilize muscles and leave you relaxed, calm and in an enhanced state of well-being. Massage can accommodate your training, and the beauty is – you already trust your therapist

Health Care Rebates available