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8 week challenge

Are you looking for motivation and/or to set out new goals to improve the way you look and feel about yourself? Feel Good Fresh Start is just right for you. Fresh Start is an 8 week challenge with a holistic approach to various aspects of life and is designed to help you make some sustainable minor and major changes to your lifestyle without losing your enthusiasm or motivation along the way. The focus areas of this challenge include nutrition, exercise, recovery and good habits.

During this 8 week period you will:

  • Set your individual goal/s and work towards them.
  • Learn about tools to tackle negative thought patterns and behaviour.
  • Build self-worth, confidence and self-discipline..
  • Monitor your progress, stay on track and away from boredom.
  • Clean up your nutrition and minimise the amount of processed food in your diet.
  • Implement the ongoing practice of healthy habits.
  • Be organised and potentially save on your groceries and weekly spendings.
  • Reduce bodyfat.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Enjoy motivation and support within the Feel Good Start Fresh community.
  • Have access to information, ideas and recipes.
  • Influence your entire family’s health.

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The winner of the challenge is determined on the basis of points accumulated daily from each of the focus areas named above. Fitness test scores as well as changes in weight, body fat and girth measurements are also taken into account.

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THE Next FEEL GOOD FRESH START CHALLENGE will begin in Spring. Watch out for the announcements


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